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In many cases, acne can be controlled without prescriptive measures through certain dietary, lifestyle, and regimen adjustments. Learn more about different ways to control breakouts through our online community, or shop our contextualized skincare brand that was designed by people who have been through the process of Accutane, antibiotics, and OTC products.

Isotretinoin FAQ

Clear Health is a telehealth platform and cloud-based pharmacy centered around prescription acne treatments. We believe that any skincare prescription needs to be followed with certain diet, lifestyle, and regimen adjustments for maximum (and sustainable) results.

Our aim is to increase access to high quality dermatological care with licensed medical providers for a lower cost than most office visit co-pays, while debunking the myths and stigmas associated with certain acne treatments, including Isotretinoin (better known as Accutane), which we believe can be a life-changing drug for many people when used responsibly and correctly. We’re currently in beta, and to indicate interest, please fill out our form above, and you will be the first notified when we launch.

Isotretinoin, more popularly known as Accutane, is a prescription drug prescribed for acne that doesn’t respond satisfactorily to other treatments.

It is the only prescription treatment that is known to provide long-term remission (effectively, a “cure”) of acne symptoms in about 50% of patients, with 95% of patients experiencing either full or significant clearance of their symptoms after a 5 to 6 month course.

Accutane works by dramatically shrinking the size of the skin’s oil glands, preventing pores from becoming clogged in the first place by slowing cellular production in the pore, while reducing inflammation and redness.

There are a lot of fear-mongering statements on the web surrounding Isotretinoin. Here are the facts:

-Like any other drug on the market, Accutane does have potential side effects, the most common being dry skin and chapped lips. Severe side effects are rare, and can usually be controlled through proper monitoring by your medical provider.

-Female patients should never take Accutane while pregnant as there is a high chance of potential birth defects with the child. In the United States, the FDA has instituted a monitoring program called iPledge, which mandates female patients to be on birth control while on Accutane, in addition to getting monthly bloodwork done. You should NEVER take Accutane (as a male or female) without being enrolled in iPledge – doing so is illegal and dangerous.

-Accutane has gotten a particularly bad rep because of its association with depression. Studies have been shown that the variance in depression incidents between patients who have taken Accutane and the general population is not statistically significant – no study has ever shown a casual relationship.*

*Patients who have acne generally are at a higher risk for depression due to issues with self-esteem. Contrary to fear-mongering claims of Accutane causing depression, many patients who have taken Accutane actually report a higher quality of life with boosted levels of self-esteem post-treatment.

Obtaining Isotretinoin online is legal, ONLY if it has been prescribed by a dermatologist and distributed through a licensed pharmacy. Buying Isotretinoin online without a prescription, or self-dosing, is not only illegal, but potentially very dangerous as you do not know what you are actually getting in the drug.

A “cure” and “long-term remission” essentially provide the same outcome. Thus, in a certain percentage of people, Accutane can be considered a “cure” for acne if they never experience acne symptoms again.

For many people, Accutane should still be followed with the proper diet, lifestyle, and regimen adjustments for long term clearance.

Accutane is covered by most insurance and Medicare plans so the cost can be as low as your prescription co-pays – the total cost for your treatment will depend on the type of insurance and coverage that you have.

The process to get Accutane is as follows:

-Receive a diagnosis through a medical visit by a licensed dermatologist

-Be informed of the risks associated with taking Accutane and the required steps while taking the medication

-Enroll in iPledge, and obtain identification number.

-If female, must take approved pregnancy test and get monthly bloodwork done at an approved lab like Quest Diagnostics before obtaining medication. Male patients must still get monthly bloodwork done.

-Obtain medication within the specified window outlined by iPledge (depends on whether you are male or female). Only a 30-day supply will be dispensed at a time.

-Follow up with your dermatologist until course is completed.

Accutane is not always the best treatment for acne – sometimes, lifestyle, diet, and regimen adjustments with retail skincare products may work better and be all that’s required.

We anticipate that a meaningful % of all patients using Clear Health will not be candidates for Accutane. If Accutane is not prescribed, our dermatologists will recommend alternative modes of treatment that will be more suitable for your specific acne concerns.